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"There is some sort of trouble at the mill Your father is worried"

And this time it was Lily who did not reply She said, inconsequentially: "We're saved, and it's all over But so It all seelanced out They were drawing up before the house, and she looked at herfrom the wars!" she said "Only she is unfortunately a she, and she hasn't been any nearer the war than the State of Ohio"

Her voice was gay enough, but she had a quick vision of the grim old house had she been the son they had wanted to carry on the na traditions They had fought in every war from the Revolution on There had been a Cardew in Mexico in '48, and in that upper suite of roorandfather had retired in wrath on his son'son the wall the sword he had worn in the Civil War He was a small man, and the scabbard was badly worn at the end,forced one to Cuba in '98, and had almost died of typhoid fever there, contracted in thefaay There were flowers in the dark old hall, and Grayson, the butler, evidently waiting inside the door, greeted her with the familiarity of the old servant who had slipped her sweets froirl years

"Welco on the stairway, in a new lace collar over her old black dress Lily recognized in the collar a great occasion, for Mademoiselle was French and thrifty Suddenly a wave of warladness flooded her This was home Dear, fa in the house She would bring theladness and youth She would try to make theive

Not that she forht It was an eed Made!" she cried She lapsed into French "I saw the collar at once And think, it is over! It is finished And all your nice French relatives are sitting on the boulevards in the sun, and sipping their little glasses of wine, and rising and bohen a pretty girl passes Is it not so?"