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She never told Howard about it He had his own difficulties with his father, and she would not add to theed the house, checked over the bills and sent theeous front, and after a ti indifference But she thanked heaven when the ti the ar ht, she was a Cardew She would have fought her grandfather out on it, defied hiain as she followed Lily and Madee, and back of it the Cardew pride and traditions that somehow cut her off

But in Lily's rooain Inside the doorway the girl was standing, her eyes traveling over her little do, mother!" she said "I was so afraid--I kno you hate ht have known you wouldn't All the ti turns at the bath, I have thought ofher faood notion," she declared, "to go to bed iain" Suddenly she turned to her mother "I'm afraid you'll find I've made some queer friends, mother"

"What do you mean by 'queer'?"

"People no proper Cardeould care to know" She smiled "Where's Ellen? I want to tell her I met somebody she knows out there, the nicest sort of a boy" She went to the doorway and called lustily: "Ellen! Ellen!" The rustling of starched skirts answered her from down the corridor

"I wish you wouldn't call, dear" Grace looked anxious "You kno your grandfather--there's a bell for Ellen"

"What we need around here," said Lily, cheerfully, "is a littlethe fanity he can put cotton in his ears Come in, Ellen Ellen, do you know that I met Willy Cameron in the camp?"

"Willy!" squealed Ellen "You met Willy? Isn't he a fine boy, Miss Lily?"

"He's wonderful," said Lily "I went to the ht" She turned to her et into the army He is a little bit lame And--" she surveyed Grace with a He is tall and thin and not at all good-looking Is he, Ellen?"