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All of which sireat year of peace after much tribulation, Mr Williale Pharmacy, after an hour of Politics, and no Econo a walk toward the Cardew house Such pilgris where the fancy leads the feet and far outstrips theer hides under various fli to be exercised

Not that Willy Cameron made any excuses to hinificence that housed her, it would through her sheer rearded hi picked up a stray dog, he addressed it now and then

"Even a cat can look at a king," he said once And again, following soht, on a crowded street: "The People's voice is a queer thing 'It is, and it is not, the voice of God' The people's voice, old ot a voice"

There were, he felt, two Lily Cardews One lived in an arot a bath by means of calculation and persistency, and went to the hts, and was quite apt to eat peanuts at those ti the shells in her pocket

And another one lived inside this great pile of brick,--he was standing across fro, by that time--where ainst a light rain ushered to their li blacks and whites revealed in the light of the street door And this Lily Cardew lived in state, bowed to by flunkeys in livery, dressed and undressed--his Scotch sense of decoru woowns, such things as he saw in the shop s, considered e, and had traveled all over Europe a nus and reflected that it was a good thing he had come, after all Because it was the first Lily whoone, with the ca war What had he in cohted ith their heavy laces and draperies?

"Nothing at all, oldat all"