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"Then you admit your defeat beforehand"

"You are rather a foronist!" Anthony repeated in ame I am amused, naturally You must understand," he said to Lily, "that this is a matter of a principle with your father He believes that he should serve My whole contention is that the people don't want to be served They want to be bossed They like it; it's all they know And they're suspicious of a man who puts his hand into his own pocket instead of into theirs"

He smiled and sipped his wine

"Good wine, this," he observed "I' drought"

Lily's old distrust of her grandfather revived Why did people sharpen like that with age? Age should beto do with herself? Already the atan to depress and worry her; she felt a new, almost violent impatience with it It was so unnecessary

She went to the pipe organ which filled the space behind the staircase, and played a little, but she had never been very proficient, and her oardness annoyed her In the dining roo, Howard quietly, his father in short staccato barks She left the organ and wandered into herroom, where Grace sat with the coffee tray before her

"I' to be terribly on your hands, mother," she said, "I don't knohat to do with oing to be rather stupid for you at first, of course," Grace said "Lent, and then so o South?"

"Why, I've just come home!"

"We can have some luncheons, of course Just inforet some clothes I saw Suzette yesterday She has sos"

"I'd love theo into politics?"

Grace hesitated

"He doesn't like change, for one thing But I don't know anything about politics Suzette says--"

"Will he try to keep hi elected?"

"He won't support him Of course I hardly think he would oppose his"