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Lily picked up her o"

"Wait," he said slowly "I haven't forbidden her to see you I asked her to wait I wanted a few moments You see, it is not often that I have a Cardew in my house, and I am a selfish , slim white hands She hated him until he fascinated her

"Sit down, and I will call Mrs Doyle"

He went out again, but this time it was the elderly maid ent up the stairs Doyle hi He was slightly sone

"Now that you've seen me, I'm not absolutely poisonous, a you that, do you? You are ht to hate me, of course"

"Yes," said Lily, coldly

"By Jove, the truth fro the Cardews I'll have to try to get over it, if they are going to reestablish fa at her, Lily knew, and she flushed soreat an effort, then," she said

He sain, this time not unpleasantly, and suddenly he threw into his rich Irish voice an unexpected softness No one knew better than Jim Doyle the uses of the human voice

"You mustn't mind me, Miss Lily I have no reason to love your family, but I am very happy that you came here to-day My wife has missed her people If you'll run in like this now and then it will do her worlds of good And ifto keep you away I can clear out"

She rather liked him for that speech He was totally unlike what she had been led to expect, and she felt a sort of resententleman, on the surface at least He had not been over-cordial at first, but then who could have expected cordiality under the circumstances? In Lily's defense it should be said that the vicissitudes of Elinor's life with Doyle had been kept froo on: he had beaten her grandfather as a young man, for a cause, and he held views as to labor which conflicted with those of her family