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"Because this neighborhood is unlikely to have a cab stand? You were entirely right But I can see that you won't like my idealistic coh, and nobody will have too much"

"Don't take hi forward "You and I know that there isn't such a thing as too irl she had drawn rather well, and she had retained her interest in that fors Lily should see theot to mention," he said, "that in this ideal world ere discussing the arts will flourish Not at once, of course, because the artists will be fighting--"


"Per aspera ad astra," put in Louis Akers "You cannot change a world in a day, without revolution--"

"But you don't believe that revolution is ever worth while, do you?"

"If it would drive starvation and wretchedness from the world, yes"

Lily found Louis Akers interesting Certainly he was very handsoer in the world? There h for all It was hardly fair, for instance, that she should have soabout religion; you didn't get anywhere with it You wanted to be good, and tried to be And you wanted to love God, only He see, because you prayed to God to be forgiven for wickedness, but it was to His Son our Lord one went for help in trouble

One could be sorry for the poor, and even give away all one had, but that would only help a few It would have to be that every one who had too ive up all but what he needed

Lily tried to put that into words

"Exactly," said Jim Doyle "Only in my neorld we realize that there would be a few craven spirits who ive up what they have In that case it would be taken from them"

"And that is what you call revolution?"


"But that's not revolution It is a sort of justice, isn't it?"

"You think very straight, young lady," said Ji theory of individualism, too; no man should impose his will and no community its laws, on the individual Laere for slaves Ethics were better than laws, to control