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And, in quiet intervals, this still house, and grandfather shut away in his upstairs roo the threads of all their lives as a spider clutches the diverging filaments of its web

"Get in on this, Lily," said a clear young voice "We're talking about the ht to have known a lot of the There was a little nurse--"

"Men, Lily dear"

"There was one awfully nice boy He wasn't a soldier, but he was very kind to the men They adored him"

"Did he fall in love with your?"

"Not a particle"

"Why wasn't he a soldier?"

"He is a little bit lame But he is awfully nice"

"But what is extraordinary about hi, except his niceness"

But they were surfeited with nice youngdramatic, and Willy Cameron was essentially undramatic Besides, it was quite plain that, with unconscious cruelty, his physical handicap made him unacceptable to the some one behind this kind person You must have met somebody worth while"

"Not in the camp I know a perfectly nice Socialist, but he was not in the ar a revolution"