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She lowered the gas and went upstairs The hardness had, soht of Willy Caain, is it?" she asked

"It's always bad But I've got a pain inme crazy I couldn't wash the dishes"

"Never mind the dishes I'm not tired Nol into bed and let me rub you"

Mrs Boyd complied She was a small, thin woman in her early fifties, who had set out to conquer life and had been conquered by it The hopeless drab of her days stretched behind her, broken only by the incident of her hood, and stretched ahead hopelessly She had accepted Dan's going to France resignedly, with neither protest nor undue anxiety She had never been very close to Dan, although she loved him more than she did Edith She was the sort of woe of e physical wants that reat deal of trouble in the world But , and ca of sweat and beer

There had been one little rift in the gray fog of her daily life, however And through it she had seen Edith well irl to do the house work, and a room where Edith'ssilences without thought that were her sanctuary against life

"Is that the place, e

"Edie, I want to ask you soirl stiffened

"Lou hasn't been round, lately"

"That's all over, mother"

"Youyou'd have a nice ho"

"He never meant to marry me, if that's what you mean"

Mrs Boyd turned on her back impatiently

"You could have had him He was crazy about you Trouble is with you, you think you've got a fellow hard and fast, and you begin acting up Then, first thing you know--"

Soirl "Listen, ive you irl wanted to marry him I know him better than you do If any one ever does rope him in, he'll stick about three months, and then beat it"