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With a gesture of despair the girl turned away What was the use, anyhow? Let theo on, too She had tried her best to change herself, the house, the whole rotten ust continued the nextWhen, at eleven o'clock, Louis Akers sauntered in for the first time in days, she looked at him somberly but without disdain Lou or so took her for a little while away from the sordidness of home, its stale odors, its untidiness, its querulous inot into you lately, Edith?" he inquired, lowering his voice "You used to be the best little pal ever Now the other day, when I called up--"

"Had the headache," she said laconically "Well?"

"Want to play around this evening?"

She hesitated Then she reht, and her face hardened Had any one told Edith that she was beginning to care for the laerated chivalry too, she would have laughed But he gave her so that the other men she knew robbed her of, a sort of self-respect It was perhaps not so much that she cared for him, as that he enabled her to careto dinner with Lily Cardew

"I ot a car now, Edith I'anization came over I've been after it for six months We can have a ride, and supper so?"

"If you want to know I'll call him out and let him tell you"

"Quick, aren't you?" He smiled down at where she stood, firmly entrenched behind a show case "Well, don't fall in love with him That's all I' Edith gazing thoughtfully after him He did not know, nor would have cared had he known, that her acceptance of his invitation was a coust of home, of the call of youth, and of the fact that Willy Caht