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And because she was young and lovely, and because he was always the slave of youth and beauty, heto himself also, and his voice held unhing the effect of his words on her He saw that she was touched

He was very well pleased with hie, and walked, whistling blithely, to his sent man, and his roo room was a desk, as clean and orderly as Doyle's was untidy Having put on his dressing gown he went to it, and with a sheet of paper before hi

He found his work irksome at tianized labor, which was conservative in the anization He played a double game, and his as always the sa in every man's soul into a flame And to do this he had not Doyle's fanaticisood place He hated the rich because they had more than he had, but he scorned the poor because they had less And he liked the feeling of power he had when, on the platform, men swayed to his words like wheat to a wind

Personal ambition was his fetish, as poas Anthony Cardew's Sometimes he walked past the exclusive city clubs, and he dreamed of a time when he, too, would have the entree to the He was thirty-three years old when Jim Doyle crossed his path, and the clubs were as far away as ever It was Doyle who found the weak place in his arht him that when one could not rise it was possible to pull others down

But it was Woslosky, the A form

"Our friend Doyle to the contrary," he said cynically, "we cannot hope to contend against the inevitable The feill always govern the many, in the end It will be the old cycle, autocracy, anarchy, and then democracy; but out of this last comes always the one man who crowns himself or is crowned One of the people You, or ed his shoulders