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In spite of herself she laughed, rather helplessly

"Is there anything I ahtened hi off his chest

"Certainly there is, Miss Cardew Me Myself I want you to know that I'm around, ready to fetch and carry like Jinx here, and about as necessary, I suppose We are a good bit alike, Jinx and I We're satisfied with a bone, and we give a lot of affection You won't irl There was no real hurt, then

"That's nice of you, you know"

"Well," he said slowly, "you know there are men who prefer a dreah about ht to tell you, Willy I think the ht"

He stared at her incredulously

"Right?" he said "Why, my dear child, most of them want to strike about as much as I want delirium tremens I've talked to them, and I know"

"A slave e," said Willy Ca; aren't you? The strike, any strike, is an acknowledgment of weakness It is a resort to the physical because the collectiveas the other side Or labor thinks it isn't, which a And there is a fine line between the felloho fights for a principle and the one who knocks people down to sho strong he is"

"This is a fight for a principle, Willy"

"Fine little Cardew you are!" he scoffed "Don't hts by labor for a principle, and the principle won, as good alins over evil But this is different It's a direct play by , into the hands of a lot of--well, we'll call the the war By indirection"

"If by anarchists you rimly "That's a family accident and you can't help it But I do mean Doyle Doyle and a Pole named Woslosky, and a scoundrel of an attorney here in town, na others"

"Mr Akers is a friend of mine, Willy"