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They were very grave that night The situation was serious The talk turned inevitably to the approaching strike, and from that to a possible attempt on the part of the radical element toward violence The older er ones were uncertain Isolated riotings, yes But a coordinated attereedy, but it was law-abiding Ah, but it was being fired by incendiary literature Then ere the police doing? They were doing everything They were doing nothing The governor was secretly a radical Nonsense The governor was saying little, but aiting and watching A general strike was only another word for revolution No It would be attempted, perhaps, but only to demonstrate the solidarity of labor

After a time Lily made a discovery She found that even into that carefully selected gathering had crept a surprising spirit, based on the necessity for concession; a few men who shared her father's convictions, and went even further One or two, even, who, cautiously for fear of old Anthony's ears, voiced a belief that before long invested iven a fixed return, all surplus profits to be divided aovernovernent fund for such eencies, it seemed

Lily listened attentively Was it because they feared that if they did not voluntarily divide their profits they would be taken froh for all, and to none too much Was that what they feared? Or was it a sense of justice, belated but real?

She re Jim Doyle had said: "Labor has learned its weakness alone, its strength united But capital has not learned that lesson It will not take a loss for a principle It will not unite It is suspicious and jealous, so it fights its individual battles alone, and loses in the end"

But then to offset that there was sohnuts for her with one hand, and waving the fork about with the other

"Don't forget this, oh representative of the plutocracy," he had said "Capital has its side, and a darned good one, too It's got a sense of responsibility to the country, which labor ot collectively"

These rave, burdened with responsibility Her father Even her grandfather It was no longer a question of profit It was a question of keeping the country going They were likehead wind There were soale But there were others like her grandfather, obstinate and secretly frightened, ould refuse Who would, to change the figure, sit like misers over their treasure, an eye on theof life for thieves