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"Is it a good thing to spend a lot of randfather, when there is so ed vein down the center of his forehead, and in anger or his rare excitements it stood out like a scar Lily saw it now, but his voice was quiet enough

"I consider it vitally important to the country to continue its social life as before the war"

"You htened! Good God, nobody's frightened It will take overn, by your conduct I have reason to believe that you are still going to that man's house"

He never called Doyle by name if he could avoid it

"I have been there several times"

"After you were forbidden?"

His tone roused every particle of antagonism in her She flushed

"Perhaps because I was forbidden," she said, slowly "Hasn't it occurred to you that I may consider your attitude very unjust?"

If she looked for an outburst froht

"You understand that this Doyle once tried to assassinate randfather I ao And there was a reason for it, wasn't there?"

"I see," he said, slowly "What you are conveying to me, not too delicately, is that you have definitely allied yourself with my enemies That, here in ardless ofet me, sooner or later Am I correct?"

"I have only said that I see no reason why I should not visit Aunt Elinor"

"And that you intend to Do I understand also that you refuse to go to Newport?"

"I daresay I shall have to go, if you send lad we have had this little talk It ht"

He opened the door for her and she went out and down the stairs She felt very cal irrevocable had happened With her anger at her grandfather there washe could do would change the fundamental situation Even if he locked her up, and that was possible, he would know that he had not really changed things, or her She felt surprisingly strong All these years that she had feared him, and yet when it came to a direct issue, he was helpless! What had he but his wicked tongue, and what did that matter to deaf ears?