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"I just--Lily, don't see too much of Louis Akers Don't let hi, but if you h to say, Aunt Nellie," she said gravely "You must have a reason"

Elinor hesitated

"I don't like him He is a man of very iood women" Lily rose valiantly to his defense, but the words hurt her "Suppose a good woe him?"

"I don't know," Elinor said helplessly "But there is so else It will cut you off from your family"

"You did that You couldn't stand it, either You knohat it's like"

"There e"

"But--suppose I care for him?" Lily said, shyly

"You wouldn't live with hi, Lily There is such a thing as being carried away by a man's violent devotion, but it isn't the violent love that lasts"

Lily considered that carefully, and she felt that there was some truth in it When Louis Akers caht he found her unresponsive and thoughtful

"Mrs Doyle's been talking to you," he said at last "She hates me, you know"

"Why should she hate you?"

"Because, with all her vicissitudes, she's still a snob," he said roughly "My fa"

"She wants me to be happy, Louis"

"And she thinks you won't be with me"

"I am not at all sure that I would be" She e bond that held her to hiet a--well, a sort of perspective I can't think clearly when you're around, and--"

"And I'm always around? Thanks" But she had alarirl," he said, in a different tone "I can't live without seeing you, and you know it You're all I have in life You have everything, wealth, friends, position You could play for three months and never miss me But you are all I have"

In the end she capitulated Jim Doyle was very content those days There had been a ti partizan of those orked with their hands But he had traveled a long road since then, from dreamer to conspirator Once he had planned to build up; now he plotted to tear down