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His weekly paper had enorun to preach class consciousness, and the doctrine of being true to their class From class consciousness to class hatred was but a step Ostensibly he stood for a vast equality, world wide and beneficent; actually he preached an inflammable doctrine of an earth where the last shall be first He advocated the overthrow of all centralized governes system robbery Under it workers were slaves, and employers of workers slave-masters It ith such phrases that he had for n elen elee of American-born workmen fell before the hammer-like blows of his words, repeated and driven home each week

He had no scruples, and preached none He preached only revolt, and in that revolt defiance of all existing laws He had no religion; Christ to hi, a historic victiht the established order In his neorld there would be no churches and no laws He advocated bloodshed, arson, sabotage of all sorts, as a means to an end

Fanatic he was, but practical fanatic, and the erous for that He had viewed the failure of the plan to capture a city in the northwest in February with irritation, but without discouragement They had acted prematurely there and without sufficient secrecy That was all The plan in itself was right And he had watched the scant reports of the uprising in the newspapers with amusement and scorn The very steps taken to suppress the facts showed the uneasiness of the authorities and left the nation with a feeling of false security

The people were always like that Twice in a hundred years France had experienced the commune Each ti Ever so often in the life of every nation came these periodic outbursts of discontent, econoin, and ran their course like diseases, contagious, violent and deadly

The co and costly wars The people would dance, but they revolted at paying the piper

The plan in Seattle had been well enough conceived; the city light plant was to have been taken over during the early evening of February 6, and at ten o'clock that night the city was to have gone dark But the reign of terrorization that was to follow had revolted Jim Osborne, one of their leaders, and from his hotel bedrooet" Osborne