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"You are a very good daughter"

She eyed him furtively If only he wouldn't always believe in her! It was al with his head in the clouds; all woood and all men meant well So to live up to him But it was too late for her Forever too late

It was Willy Caht off, and they went, the three of the To Mrs Boyd the movies was the acme of dissipation She would, if warned in advance, spend the entire day with her hair in curlers, and once there she feasted her starved ro was stifling, and without any warning Edith suddenly got up and walked toward the door There was so odd about her walk and Willy followed her, but she turned on him almost fiercely outside

"I wish you'd let me alone," she said, and then swayed a little But she did not faint

"I' home," she said "You stay with her And for heaven's sake don't stare at ht"

Nevertheless he had taken her home, Edith obstinately silent and sullen, and Willy anxious and perplexed At the door she said: "Now go back to her, and tell her I just got sick of the picture It was the s's stomach"

"I wish you'd see a doctor"

She looked at him with suspicious eyes "If you run So to bed?"

"I'll go to bed, all right"

He had found things ratherto acknowledge it, and the prospect of Dan's being called out by the union Try as he would, he could not introduce any habit of thrift into the fahts there was not only nothing left, but often a deficit Dan, skillfully worked upon outside, began to develop a grievance, also, and on his rare evenings at hos

"It's just hand tofor the Cardews never gets ahead What chance has he got, anyhow? It takes all he can get to live"

Willy Caan to see that the trouble was not with Dan, but with his woes went for food, tooThere wereless than Dan and saving money