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The surface peace of the house on Cardew Way, the even tenor of her days there, the feeling she had of sanctuary did not offset Lily's clear knowledge that she had done a cruel and an ier had driven her away, she re battle in a changing world, and yet with a sort ofhis colors to the end

She had deteruest rooht at hoiously She had broken the unwritten law not to break bread with an enemy of her house She had done what they had expressly forbidden, done it over and over

"On top of all this," old Anthony had said, after reading the tale of her delinquencies froht openly at the Saint Elmo Hotel with this same Louis Akers, a man openly my enemy, and openly of impure life"

"I do not believe he is your enemy"

"He is one of the band of anarchists who have repeatedly threatened to kill me"

"Oh, Lily, Lily!" said her rave and still, that Lily replied

"I don't believe that, father He is not a murderer If you would let him come here--"

"Never in this house," said old Anthony, savagely crushing notes in his hand "He will coht to condemn a man unheard"

"Unheard! I tell you I know all about hi"

"Just a moment, father," Howard had put in, quietly "Lily, do you care for this man? I mean by that, do you want to iven him any answer yet I don't want to marry a man my family will not receive It wouldn't be fair to him"

Which speech drove old Anthony into a frenzy, and led hie that turned Lily cold and obstinate She heard hi to break in and save the situation; then she said, coldly: "I am sorry you feel that way about it," and turned and left the roo theatrical things But shut in her bedroom with the doors locked, Anthony's furious words caely alone, too In all the great house she had no one to support her Mademoiselle, her father and ned with the opposition Except Ellen She had felt lately that Ellen, in her humble way, had espoused her cause