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She had sent for Ellen

In spite of the war, Lily had felt a reserve in Aunt Elinor's welco the best of a bad situation

"I had to do it, Aunt Elinor," she said, when they had gone upstairs There was a labor conference, Doyle had explained, being held below

"I know," said Elinor "I understand I'll pin back the curtains so you can open your s The night air is so srieve terribly"

"I think she will," said Elinor, with her quiet gravity "You are all she has"

"She has father She caresin the world"

"Would you like some ice-water, dear?"

Soht sleep of eht she heard Willy Cameron's voice But that was absurd, of course, and she lay back to toss uneasily for hours Out of all her thinking there e overlaid with her infatuation She would go ho about Louis Akers, but they were right, too

Lying there, as the dawn slowly turned her s to gray, she saw him with a new clarity She had a swift vision of what life with hi, of boyish dependence on her, and then--a new face Never again was she to see him with such clearness He was incapable of loyalty to a woh he loved her He was born to be a wanderer in love, an experinized in him an incurable sensuous curiosity about women, that would be quite re in his infidelities, so long as she did not know and did not suffer And he would come back to her from them, watchful for suspicion, relieved when he did not find it, and bringing her ss to his own soul

She o ho, ain

She slept after that, and at ten o'clock Elinor wakened her with the word that her father was downstairs Elinor was very pale It had been a shock to her to see her brother in her horeater one when he had put his arm around her and kissed her