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"They'll drive their own cars, then, daet any to drive And answer their own bells, if they've got any to ring And get up and cook their own breakfasts"

"Which you won't have any to cook," Grayson had said irritably, fro table "Just a word, my man That sort of talk is forbidden here One word o to Mr Cardew"

The chauffeur had not sulked, however "All right, Mr Grayson," he said affably "But I can go on thinking, I daresay And so you'd cli the ham carefully, was conscious that her revolt had been only partially on Lily's account It was not so h she did not put it that way, that had driven her out Ellen then had carried out her own sood home, and what could she do? All she kneas service

Edith poured herself a cup of coffee, and taking a piece of toast fro it The cruo into the dining-roo side of the bed, didn't you?" Edith asked "Willy's bed, I suppose I'ry, and I always eat breakfast like this I wish he would hurry We'll be late"

Ellen stared It was her first knowledge that this girl, this painted hussy, worked in Willy's pharmacy, and her suspicions increased She had a quick vision, as she had once had of Lily, of Edith in the Ca on the front porch while Willy's , with all the boys in town around her She knew the type, the sort that set an entire village by the ears and in the end left ho salesman

Ellen had already got Willy married and divorced when Mrs Boyd came in She carried the milk pail, but her lips were blue and she sat down in a chair and held her hand to her heart

"I'asped "I declare I could hardly get back"

"I'll give you soht off"