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"That looks like it, doesn't it? And they are getting that sort of stuff all the time There are a hundred thousand of them in this end of the state"

"Would you s in the open ht a rat in his hole, if he won't come out"

"Would you hold office?" Pink asked

Willy Ca post holes in the daytiht to support the family But I'll work, if that's what you mean"

"We'd better have a constitution and all that, don't you think?" Pink asked "We can draw up a tentative one, and then fix it up at the first o like a fire"

But Willy Cameron overruled that

"We don't need that sort of stuff," he said, "and if we begin that we ht as well put it in the newspapers We want n soovernment and to preserve law and order Then an office and a filing case, and their addresses, so we can get at them in a hurry if we need them Get me a piece of paper, somebody"

Then and there, in twenty words, Willy Cailance Committee, on the back of an old envelope It was a proreement rather than an oath There was a little hush as the paper passed from hand to hand Not a man there but felt a certain sole, to fight all sedition, to love their country and support it; the very si of it into visible forue anxieties, pointed to a real eneer Yet, as Willy Caht never be needed

"Our job," he said, "is only as a last resort Only for real trouble Until the state troops can get here, for instance, and if the constabulary is greatly outnuht if they need us That's all"

It was very surprising to him to find the enterprise financed i So to the committee It was practical, businesslike, and--done And, although he had protested, he found hianization