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For a little while Ralph Peden breathed freely again, but his satisfaction was short-lived One girl was discoh, but here were two Moreover the new-coed some blankets in a tub to her satisfaction, calot bare-foot into the tub beside them Then it dawned upon Ralph, as not very instructed on matters of household econo; and that, like the gentleman who spied upon Musidora's toilet, of whoht possibly see more than he had come out to see

Yet it was impossible to rise composedly and take his way one at the first alarm It had become so much more difficult now, as indeed it always does in such cases Moreover, he was certain that these two vagabonds of curs would return And they would be sure to find his were unnecessary and inconvenient beasts, always sniffing and nosing about He decided to wait The new-comer of the kilts was after all no Naiad or Hebe Her outlines did not reseree the plates in his excellent classical dictionary She was not short in stature, but so strong and of a co white which filled the blanket tub, that hermist

But Ralph did not notice that, in so far as she could, she had relieved the taller h was hung on a hair trigger, to go off at every jest and fancy of Winso Kissock, chief and favouredfarindeed, would have thanked no one for an introduction, being at all ti) to introduce herself

It had been a shock to Ralph Peden when Meg Kissock walked up from the lane-side barefoot, and when she cleared the decks for the blanket tra like it before on the banks of the water of Leith, then running clear and limpid over its pebbles, save for a flour-ether another thing when, plain as print, he saw his first goddess of the shining water-pails sit calranite boulder in the shadow of the bridge, and take one s her foot-gear and occupying the second tub