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She did not finish her sentence, as she adjusted the outraged sunbonnet on her curls, tucking the re carefully within the crown; but as she turned again to look, Ralph Peden was cal it in a book

"I shall never speak to hi her lips so that a dimple that Ralph had never seen came out on the other side This, of course, closed the record in the case Yet in a little while she added thoughtfully: "But he is very handsome, and I think he will keep his shoulders back now Not, of course, that it matters, for I as were by this ti a steep slope upon the edges of his boot-soles in the miraculouson the turnpike

Winsoainst the broad, dark sapphire expanse of the loch, just where the great march dyke stepped off to bathe in the su black which waved a hand and sprang over lightly

Winsohed, and said a little wistfully yet not sadly: "Who would have thought it of hi to maids that the meekest worm may turn