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"My certes, no," said the sharp-witted dauid blessin' that you et your deserts, or it wad be a puir lookoot for the next generation, young man Gae i' ye, man; mind ye, I'll no' say a word in yer favour, but raither the ither hilk," s in the deep still way that she sometimes had in the uid But I'uid-wull We think that ye are a true h sorely he was used by this hoose It wad maybes be some amends," she added, as if to herself

Then the dear old lady touched her eyes with a fine handkerchief which she took out of a little black reticule basket on the table by her side

As Ralph rose reverently and kissed her hand before retiring, Walter Skirving motioned him near his chair Then he drew hi on one knee He laid a nerveless heavy hand on the young man's head, and looked for a minute--which see his hand and turning to the , he drew a long, heavy breath

Ralph Peden rose and went out