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At the gate of the yard, which had been left open and hung backward perilously upon its hinges, she paused

"That is that careless girl, Jess!" she said, practical even at such a ht--it was Jess who had so left it Indeed, had she been athe doard road which led through the elder--trees to the waterside As it was, she only shut the gate carefully, so that no night- wandering cattle randparents, laid carefully asleep by Meg in their low-ceilinged bedroom

The whole farm breathed from its walls and broad yard spaces the peaceful rise and fall of an infant's repose There was no sound about the warm and friendly place save the sleepy chunner of a hen on the bauks of the peat-house, just sufficiently awake to be conscious of her own comfort

The hill road was both stony and difficult, but Winsohtly On not a single stone did she stuladsomely that she trod on the air There were no rocks in her path that night Behind her the light in the inked once and went out Palpable darkness settled about her The sigh of the wasteand the adders slept, came down over the well-pastured braes to her

Winsome did not hasten Why hasten, when at the end of the way there certainly lies the sweet beginning of all things Already ht she be happy in the possession of certainties? It never occurred to her that Ralph would not be at the trysting-place That a ht fail did not once cross her mind But maidenly tre her li Could any one have seen, there was a large and almost exultant happiness in the depths of her eyes Her lips were parted a little, like a child that waits on tiptoe to see the curtain rise on soainst the darker sky the hill dyke stood up, looking in the glooularly the ridgy dips and holloard, till it ran into the in tenser darkness of the pines In a ate of her tryst She paused, affrighted for the first ti came over her and an uncertainty She turned, in act to flee