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"But ye maun wait on the minister or Maister Peden They'll hae muckle to ask ye, nae doot!" said Bell, who yearned for news

"Nae doot, nae doot!" said daft Jock Gordon, "an' I hae little to answer It's no for[neck] Na, na, tiht for this nicht's wark"

With these words Jock took his pilgrim staff and departed for parts unknown As he said, it was not bloodhounds that could catch Jock Gordon on the Rhinns of Kells

In thethere ord come to the cot-house of the Kissocks that Mistress Kissock anted up at the castle to nurse a gentle Mistress Kissock was unable to go herself, but her daughter Jess went instead of her, having had so other experiences which she had gained in England It was reported that she made an excellent nurse



IT was growing slowly dusk again when Ralph Peden returned fro and its ood news So off short with a quick shed aloud Then he threw a stone at a rook which eyed him superciliously from the top of a turf dyke He made a bad shot, at which the black critic wiped the bare butt of his bill upon the grass, uttered a hoarse "A-ha!" of derision, and plunged down squatty a the dock- leaves on the other side

As Ralph turned up theto the bare front door, he was conscious of a vague uneasiness, the feeling of a loos have been full of sunshine It was not the same world since yesterday Even he, Ralph Peden, was not the same man But he entered the house with that innocent affectation of exceeding ease which is the boy's tribute to his own inexperience He went up the stairs through the dark lobby and entered Allan Welsh's study Thewith his back to the , his hands clasped in front of hireat doainst the orange and crione down

Ralph ostentatiously clattered down his armful of books on the table The an his explanation