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So Winsome looked round with the wild fear hich she now started fro were about her, and she only s,whispered her tale As she went on, Winsome clasped her round the neck, and thrust her face into the neck of Meg's drugget gown This is the sahmen their work and appointed to each worker about the far, when she had finished, "ye ken whether ye want to see hio away to Edinburgh and ain, without a word?"

"Ye ken that best yersel'," said Meg with high i ar

"I think," said Winsome, the tears very near the lids of her eyes, "that I had better not see hio and tell hiirl likewent to Winsome's little cupboard wardrobe in the wall and took down the old lilac-sprayed suohich she had hen she first saw Ralph Peden

"Ye had better rise,dryly

So obediently Winsoliarments for her as she had done when first as a fairy child she cahly held, for Meg could not see quite so clearly as usual Also when she spoke her speech sounded irl's attire was co walk fresh as the dew on the white lilies Meg tied the strings of the old sunbonnet beneath her sweet chin, and stepped back to look at the effect; then, with sudden impulsive movement, she went tumultuously forward and kissed herWinso red in the east when Winsoht e to her feet She stepped down, giving a little fah to advertise to any one whothat it was her constant habit thus to walk abroad in the dawn