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So here love and youth had colowed on the Bennan Hill and the sapphire pave time Winsome and Ralph were silent--the eer, beginning to grip theain to twain Love lately knit was to be torn asunder Eyes were to look no o," said Ralph, looking down into his betrothed's face

"Stay only a little," said Winsoe, nervous constrictions played at "cat's cradle" about their hearts Vague noises boo their oords sound strange and empty, like voices heard in a dream

"Winsome!" said Ralph

"Ralph!" said Winsoet me?" said Winsoet iven, after a long silence of soul and body in not-to-be-forgotten communion, they drew apart

Ralph went a little way down the birch-fringed hill, but turned to look a last look Winso in her attitude told of the tears steadily falling upon her suh and too o away, Winsome I cannot bear to leave you like this!"

Winsoirl she was Then she sh her tears with the sudden radiance of the sun upon a showery Mayout

At this a sob, dangerously deep, rending and sudden, forced itself fro than her tears Ralph uttered a kind of low inarticulate roar at the sight--being his iainst his love's pain Yet such moments are the ineffaceable treasures of life, had he but known it Many a man's deeds follow his vows simply because his lips have tasted the salt water of love's ocean upon the face of the beloved

"Be brave, Winso"

Yet she was braver than he, had he but known it; for it is the heritage of the woer in the crises which inevitably wait upon love and love's achievement

Winsome bent to kiss, with a touch like a benediction, not his lips now but his brow, as he stood beneath her on the hill slope