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Winsoone far beyond forbidding love or allowing it with Ralph Peden and herself

"I shall try!" she said, with her oeet serenity But across the years a voice was pleading their case As the black and faded ink of the letters flashed his own sentences across the minister's eye, the soul God had put within hi

"So did not you" persisted the voice in his ear "Me you counselled to risk all, and you tookmy ith love Did ever I coh lost--all for you; yet did I even regret when you saw me die?"

"Think of the Marrow kirk," said the minister "Her hard service does not permit a probationer, before whom lies the task of doctrine and reproof, to have father or mother, wife or sweetheart"

"And what did you," said the voice, "in that past day, care for the Marrow kirk, when the light shone upon ht the world, and the Marrow kirk with it, well lost for love's sake and mine?"

Allan Welsh bowed his head yet lower

Winso fast on the dulled and yellowing paper

Winsome put her hands on his shoulder

"Is thatwhat she said

Allan Welsh put his hand greedily about it, he could not let it go

"Will you kiss me for your mother's sake?" he said

And then, for the first time since her babyhood, Winsome Charteris, whose name was Welsh, kissed her father

There were tears on her h them the face of the dead Winifred seemed to sain, and kissed hi's e was delivered