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"Then," said thefor't but another split, and the Lord do so, and s it about!"

"Amen!" said Allan Welsh

"You will re thedirectly, "that you hold your office under ainst you in the past which would justifyyou sum under your own hand and confession"

"And I," said the clerk, rising with the gleaainst these things that you are guilty of art and part in the concealo, would have removed froiven some one worthier than I to report on the fitness of your son for the ministry It was you, Gilbert Peden, whowhat you know I shall accept the deposition which you threaten at your hands, but remember that co-ordinately the power of this asse, not a deliberative vote; and know you, Gilbert Peden, minister and moderator, that I, Allan Welsh, will depose you also from the office of the ood as yours"

"The Lord preserve us! In five meenetes there'll be nae Marrow Kirk" said John Bairdieson, and flung hiainst the door; but thethe key on his desk

The two ministers rose simultaneously Gilbert Peden stood at the head and Allan Welsh at the foot of the little table They were so near that they could have shaken hands across it But they had other work to do

"Allan Welsh," said the ospel in the parish of Dullarg to the faithful contending remnant, I call upon you to show cause why you should not be deposed for the sins of contumacy and contempt, for sins of person and life, confessed and communicate under your hand"

"Gilbert Peden," returned thelike a cock-boat athwart the hawse of a leviathan of the deep, "I call upon you to show cause why you should not be deposed for unfaithfulness in the discharge of your duty, in so far as you have concealed known sin, and by co"