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She went upstairs, perplexed and thoughtful So, the click of her h heels on the polished wood of the staircase, her father's sturdy tread, and a randfather's slow, rather weary step Suddenly she felt sorry for hiods of power and pride, for the disappoint open her door iood-night, grandfather," she said breathlessly "And that I am sorry"

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry--" she hesitated "Because we see things so differently"

Lily was alht a flash of tenderness in his eyes, and certainly his voice had softened

"You looked very pretty to-night," he said But he passed on, and she had again the sense of rebuff hich he met all her small overtures at that tiht

"I would like to talk to you, Lily Will you come upstairs?"

She had been summoned before to those mysterious upper rooenerally such requests presaged trouble But she followed hih then His rare compliment had pleased and touched her

The lahted, and in the dressing-rooht Anthony dismissed the man, and sat down under the laht, Lily Personally I anticipate no trouble, but if there is any it rimly "I cannot rely on my personal popularity to protect me, I fear Your mother obstinately refuses to leave your father, but I have decided to send you to your grand-aunt Caroline"

"Aunt Caroline! She doesn't care for randfather She never has"

"That is hardly pertinent, is it? The situation is this: She intends to open the Newport house early in June, and atyou out there Next fall ill do so here; I haven't decided just what"

There was a sudden wild surge of revolt in Lily She hated Newport Grand-aunt Caroline was a terrible person She was like Anthony, doue

"I need not point out the advantages of the plan," said Anthony suavely "There h I doubt it But in any event you will have to come out, and this seems an excellent way"